Welcome to SwapGPT

An App where AI meets DeFi
​SwapGPT is an AI-powered Interactive Super App enabling Web3 adoption for global audience. In addition to supporting a conventional DeFi UI experience, SwapGPT provides an interactive interface with Type, Speak & Search capabilities for a multitude of trading opportunities on its platform. This ensures an effortless DeFi onboarding and trading experience for our global audience.
SwapGPT's Product Suite:
  • Interactive Interface (Coming Soon): Type, Speak or Search for a plethora of trading opportunities
  • On-chain Orderbook: Fully decentralized On-chain Orderbook providing CEX-like experience to DeFi users
  • Hybrid DEX Aggregator: Aggregating On-chain Orderbook, DEX Aggregators & AMM DEXs for best returns
  • Automated Trading Strategies (Coming Soon): Natural Language-based strategies for automated liquidity management
SwapGPT’s mission is to create universal and fair access to DeFi world for billions of users by removing the barriers of language and DeFi knowledge thereby accelerating mainstream adoption of Web3 along with empowering our users to solve their DeFi needs without having to know the intricacies of DeFi.
SwapGPT was founded in 2023 and is backed by Outlier Ventures and Aptos. SwapGPT’s vision is to provide a platform for global audience for all their DeFi trading needs ranging from Trading, Earning Yields to Liquidity Management through an interactive interface which let’s the users type, speak or go through the conventional route of DeFi trading through widgets.
The product is being built on Aptos because of the technical advantages of the chain such as high throughput, time to finality and low gas fees to provide best-in-class experience to our users and optimal trade execution. Aptos’ optimistic concurrency model allows for parallel execution of trades, empowering the blockchain to execute tens of thousands of non-trivial Move transactions per second. By leveraging the preset order of transactions and combining Software Transactional Memory (STM), Aptos easily handles large volumes of transactions at a fraction of a second through its Block-STM execution model.
SwapGPT is already live on Aptos and has garnered attention from various Aptos ecosystem / partners and the DeFi community for the user-friendly and interactive UI/UX along with the functionalities supported.
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